"In riding a horse we borrow freedom."

Horse Training, Teaching, and Sales



*$60/ 1/2 hour

I prefer teaching individuals, so the most relevant, personalized, and detailed information is conveyed.

Groups and quadrilles may be arranged.

*Pricing appropriate for the region or country offered

Selfseeds Presentation:

No charge. Donation possible



$1,000/ month per horse

All training provided by me personally at a minimum of twenty training sessions per month. Lessons can be substituted for riding.

$60/individual ride

Sale horses:

Generally involves training and a predetermined commission. Subject to individual arrangements. Advertisement, video, photography expenses are by arrangement.

Search for horses (available internationally):

Private arrangements, but generally involve an hourly rate, flat rate, expenses, commission, or some combination as determined.


Waltzing Horses


Horse Training & Sales